Phi Contour PMU Pigment CORAL

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This product expires 12/2024


This is PhiContour PMU Pigment Coral. It’s what a pigment for permanent makeup is supposed to be like. Solid - so it lasts longer than any other pigment on the market. Durable - so it can be used with both Artist and Master PMU machines. Multifunctional - so it can be used for all techniques including eyeliner, lip liner, scalp and eyebrow drawing. A true mark of quality -  created with an official PhiContour stamp. And affordable - so you know it’s for you. Check out all these features:

  • .33 oz bottles
  • Fits all PMU machines
  • For eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrows
  • Original formula
  • 100% PhiContour quality
  • Can mix with other colors
  • Treats up to 40 clients
  • 100% ready for use
  • Same day shipping

PhiContour PMU Pigment Coral contains is used for all PMU techniques and can be applied as an eyeliner, eyebrow tint, scalp or lip liner. Regardless of where applied, it gives every stroke a bold, natural look. It’s quickly absorbed by any skin type and aligns itself perfectly to the shape of your clients face. You can even mix it with other colors to create new ones.

The PhiContour pigment is created with a special secret formula. The quality of the formula allows it to be used with both Artist and Master permanent makeup machines. The pigment contains no alcohol or water which makes it extremely durable and why it can be applied to all skin types at any depth. Plus, it’s thicker which makes it consistent with each stroke and what gives it a smooth, creamy finish.

The pigment was created by PhiBrows. At their trademark labs in Europe, and had to go through some serious testing to meet health and safety standards across the world. That includes the USA. So, when you apply it to the skin of a client, you can feel confident in the fact that it’s 100% safe.

Every PhiContour PMU Pigment Coral comes in one .33 oz bottle. This amount is enough to treat up to 40 clients. Even after we spilled this information, the price tag remains the same at $69.82. This means you spend less than $2 on pigment with every client you treat. How does that sound?

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