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What's Phi Lips?
Que es Phi Lips?


Phi Lips or also know as "lip blushing" is a permanent makeup technique that enhances the natural shape and color of the lips. Using a specialized pigment and technique, the lips are subtly tinted to create a soft, natural-looking blush effect.

Phi Lips es una técnica de maquillaje permanente que realza la forma y el color natural de los labios. Utilizando un pigmento y técnica especializados, los labios se tiñen sutilmente para crear un efecto de rubor suave y natural.

How does the course work? 
Como funciona el curso?


Step 1 / Paso 1

After registering, we will send you the kit. Once you receive it, you will obtain access the online course and begin practicing.

Después de registrarte, te enviaremosel kit. Una vez que lo recibas, obtendrás acceso al curso en línea y comenzarás a practicar.


Step 2 / Paso 2

You will start practicing the course online at your own time and pace with the aid of the 50+ videos available on the Craftmaster educational platform. Comenzaras a realizar las practicas del curso en linea a tu propio tiempo y ritmo con la ayuda de los 50+ videos disponibles en la plataforma educativa Craftmaster.

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Step 3 / Paso 3

Throughout the duration of your online course, you will have unlimited access to mentoring with your Master Trainer, Yomaira Alcala, at all times. You'll be able to submit your daily practices to receive her feedback and assistance for 6 months to achieve certification. Durante toda la duración de tu curso en línea, tendrás acceso ilimitado a la mentoría con tu Master trainer, Yomaira Alcalá, en todo momento. Podrás enviar tus prácticas diarias para recibir su retroalimentación y ayuda por 6 meses para conseguir la certificacion.

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Become a certified Phibrows PhiLips artist


PhiLips course
with kit + PMU machine -$1,880 USD


Kit includes:
1x Simplicity ARTIST PMU Machine.
1x Box 1 Liner needles 0.40 (15 pcs)
1x PhiContour Flamingo Pigment 10ml.
1x PhiContour Fuchsia Pigment 10ml.
1x PhiContour Nude Light Pigment 10ml.
1x PhiContour Coral Pigment 10ml.
1x Phi Thinner liquid 10ml.
1x BB Compass.
1x Predrawing pencil white.
1x Predrawing pencil pink.
1x Pigment Container 50 pcs.
1x Practice latex Blank 3 pcs.
2x PhiContour Latex 3D Lips.
1x PhiLashes Micro Applicator (100 pcs)..


Course Content

1. Welcome guide
2. Phi RulesMaster Craftsmaster Levels
3. About Grand Master Trainer Yomaira Alcalá
4. About PhiAcademy
5. Syllabus:

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Online Phi Lips Course
Online Phi Lips Course

Online Phi Lips Course

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Once you finish your tasks in the Craft Master App, you'll receive the PhiLips Artist Certificate by Phi Academy, the best beauty academy in the world.

As well as your own place on the Map of Artists or Technicians on PhiAcademy's official website.

Regulations for permanent makeup licensing in the United States vary by state. In many states, obtaining a microblading license involves completing a certified training program, often from a licensed or accredited institution, and adhering to specific health and safety standards. It's essential to check with the local health department or regulatory body in your state for the most current and specific licensing requirements for permanent makeup.

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