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What's PhiRemoval?
Que es Phiremoval


PhiRemoval by PhiAcademy is a non-laser technique using glycolic acid to remove all colors of permanent makeup and tattoos.

It effectively treats:

- Brow Tattoos
- Eyeliner
- Lip Tattoos
- Tiny Tattoos

In our course, you will learn everything about how to successfully perform the procedure.

PhiRemoval de PhiAcademy es una técnica no láser que utiliza ácido glicólico para eliminar todos los colores de maquillaje permanente y tatuajes.

Es efectiva para:

- Tatuajes de cejas
- Delineador de ojos
- Tatuajes de labios
- Tatuajes pequeños

PhiRemoval es menos doloroso y más versátil que la eliminación con láser. En nuestro curso aprenderás todo sobre cómo realizar el procedimiento exitosamente.


How does our course work?
Como funciona nuestro curso?

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Day 1: Theory

Theory: Detailed instruction on the principles of microneedling and how it works, including skin anatomy, wound healing process, and safety precautions.

Product Knowledge: Understanding of the products used in the PhiRemoval technique.

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Day 1: Practice

Hands-On Practice: Practical sessions where participants get hands-on experience performing the PhiRemoval technique under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Safety and Hygiene: Instruction on maintaining proper hygiene and safety protocols during microneedling procedures to prevent infection and ensure client safety.

Client Consultation: Guidance on conducting thorough client consultations to assess skin conditions, determine suitability for treatment, and manage client expectations.

Aftercare: Information on post-treatment care protocols for clients, including skincare routines and follow-up appointments.


Online Training

Ongoing Support: After the live training, students continue their practice and communication with their master through the online training platform for 3 months to achieve certification. This allows for ongoing support, feedback, and guidance as they refine their skills and work towards mastering the PhiRemoval technique..

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Become a Phiremoval technician

Online curriculum

- Eyebrow Removal
- Enzyme Power
- Manual Technique
- Work according to hygienic standards

Upcoming Courses

PhiRemoval (In-Person + Online Program) / Phoenix AZ / July 26
PhiRemoval (In-Person + Online Program) / Phoenix AZ / July 26

PhiRemoval (In-Person + Online Program) / Phoenix AZ / July 26

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En este curso te ensenaremos como utilizar los productos de una manera segura para remover tatuajes en cejas, ojos y labios.


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PhiAcademy Certification
Certificacion por Phiacademy

CERTIFICATION: Upon finishing the online course on Craftmaster, participants receive a Microblading Artist certificate from PhiAcademy and are featured on the Artists or Technicians map on PhiAcademy's official website.
REGULATIONS: Regulations for obtaining a permanent makeup license in the U.S. vary by state; it's vital to check with your local health department or regulatory body for specific licensing requirements.
 CERTIFICACIÓN: Al completar el curso en línea en Craftmaster, los participantes reciben un certificado de Artista de Microblading de PhiAcademy y se incluyen en el mapa de Artistas o Técnicos en el sitio web oficial de PhiAcademy.
  REGULACIONES: Las regulaciones para obtener una licencia de maquillaje permanente en EE. UU. varían según el estado; es crucial verificar los requisitos de licencia con el departamento de salud local o el organismo regulador en tu estado.

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