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Phicontour collection

PhiContour SUPER Powder Brows Collection

PhiContour SUPER Pigment PowderBrows Collection offers a top range of permanent makeup eyebrow pigments, ensuring excellent performance, safety, and satisfaction.

Included Colors: 

  •  Brown 1 x 5ml 
  •  Brown 2 x 5ml 
  •  Brown 3 x 5ml

There are five beautiful PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lip colors available. Either to be bought separately or in the PhiContour SUPER Lips Collection. The shades are perfect to be used individually, or can be mixed to create custom shades for clients.


PhiContour SUPER Pigment - Lips Collection

Discover the PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lips Collection, a premium range of permanent makeup pigments designed to offer artists and clients a top-tier lip PMU experience.

PhiContour SUPER Pigment Lips Collection includes: 

  • Coral x 5ml 
  • Flame x 5ml 
  • Fuchsia x 5ml 
  • Flamingo x 5ml 
  • Nude Light x 5ml 
  • 25x Phi Tattoo After Care Gel 5ml

The PhiContour SUPER Base Pigments are the ultimate solution for a completely customizable PMU experience. Mix colors to meet the unique needs of each client (you can use our Phi Mixer for a thorough and smooth pigment-mixing process)

Pigments Base

PhiContour SUPER Base

PhiContour SUPER Pigments Base Collection is a top range of cosmetic tattooing pigments, specially designed for mixing to produce a unique, personalized shade for each client.

Elevate your PhiContour artistry with these highly versatile pigments, compatible with leading cosmetic tattooing machines like the Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist.

PhiContour SUPER Pigments Base Collection includes the following colors: 

  • Red x 5ml 
  • Yellow x 5ml
  • Orange x 5ml 
  • Magenta x 5ml