Bold Brows

Advanced Online Training

How does the course work?


Thick and bold eyebrows are the dream of many women around the world. For those women who cannot achieve this look naturally, the bold brows microblading technique provides a hyper-realistic eyebrow look.


Perfection bold brows education will help you learn different variations of patterns.

This course is for experienced artists only. 

How will you learn?


Craft Master

Upon registration, each student gets access to the online program and has to complete all levels in order to obtain certification.


Follow up

Grand Master Yomaira will evaluate each practice work you submit with feedback so you can improve your technique.

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After the in person training, you'll get access to the Craft Master learning platform where you'll be able to complete your training

Benefits of being a Bold Brows artist


Financial freedom

Generate $100k+ per year working 6 hours/day4x a week


Flexible Work Hours

Set your own schedule and decide how many clients to serve


Career Growth

Start your own business or work in specialized clinics

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Our course includes up to 3 months of online training.

Pick your kit

Bold Brows Kit


4 x PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc (10pcs)
1 x Skin Candy (50pcs)
1 x PhiBrows Higi Mask
1 x Latex Blank (3pcs)
1 x Phi Wipes Block Tonic 20/11
1x PhiWipes (20pcs)
1x Self adhesive pigment container (50pcs)
2x Drawing Pencil

Course Levels

1. Eyebrow shaping and symmetry
2. Shape on model
3. How to use PhiApp correctly


Online Bold Brows Course
Online Bold Brows Course

Online Bold Brows Course


Bold Brows Technique


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PhiAcademy Certification

Students who complete the live 1 day training, will receive a Certificate of Participation and students who complete all of the modules from the online course in the CraftMaster App they receive the Bold Brows perfection training Certificate by PhiAcademy, the best beauty academy in the world.

In Person training

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