PhiLings Blackhead Remover Tweezer

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Phi blackhead remover is a unique formation tweezer effectively extracting blackheads of all sizes and depths.

The tweezer has a uniquely curved steel tip, with a sharp finish, which gently removes the blackheads and afterwards extracts the dirt in the pores. Specially crafted with an upwards curve at the very end, it makes it easier to pluck the skin comedones, with much more precision that any other tools, at the same time with less pressure and less skin trauma. The super precise tip provides precision to treat only the affected area, without irritating the healthy skin around it. Made of 100% dermatologically tested stainless steel. Removes blackheads, whiteheads, comedons deeply from its root, leading to more clear and healthier skin.

How to use:
Use the tool on previously clean skin, and make sure you also disinfect your hands. It is recommended to steam face before use, to soften the blackheads and open pores for easier removal. Press out the stubborn blackhead with the curved tips, by gently squeezing out the accumulated pus. Don't press too hard and always disinfect the treated skin area afterwards. Make sure you also disinfect the tweezer before and after every use.

While using the tool you must be gentle and cautious. Every skin is different and you have to make sure you adapt the pressure correctly, without pushing skin too hard, in order to avoid skin irritations or scarring.