May 28, 2024

A Step-by-Step Guide: Mastering PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments

By yomaira alcala

How to Use PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments

Unlock the potential of your microblading artistry with PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using these premium pigments to create flawless, natural-looking brows. From color selection to aftercare, discover how to achieve stunning results that leave a lasting impression on your clients.

1. **Color Selection**: Begin by selecting the perfect pigment shade based on your client's hair color, skin tone, and desired brow look. Consider factors such as undertones and pigment intensity to ensure a harmonious result.

2. **Preparation**: Prepare the skin by cleansing it thoroughly and applying a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Ensure the skin is free from makeup or skincare products that could affect pigment absorption.

3. **Technique**: Use precise microblading techniques to implant the pigment into the skin's epidermal layer, creating natural-looking hair strokes. Pay attention to stroke direction, depth, and spacing for a realistic and symmetrical outcome.

4. **Aftercare**: Educate your clients on proper aftercare practices to promote optimal healing and pigment retention. Advise them to avoid excess moisture, sun exposure, and abrasive skincare products during the initial healing phase.

5. **Touch-Up Sessions**: Schedule follow-up touch-up sessions as needed to refine the brow shape, adjust pigment density, and address any areas of unevenness. This ensures long-lasting results and client satisfaction.

Understanding the Characteristics of Each Shade

1. **Golden Brown**: Golden Brown is perfect for clients with ashy-toned hair colors or those seeking a sun-kissed glow. Its radiant hues complement olive or tan skin tones, delivering brows that exude vibrancy and vitality.

2. **Brown 1**: Ideal for clients with fair to light brown hair, Brown 1 offers a subtle enhancement that fills in sparse brows with soft, natural-looking strokes. It seamlessly blends with fair skin tones such as fitzpatrick 1 and 2.

3. **Brown 2**: Versatile and universally flattering, Brown 2 is ideal for brunettes, this shade is a medium neutral brown. It looks great on fitzpatrick 2,3 and 4.

4. **Brown 3**:  Brown 3 is ideal for dark and thick brow hair with dark skin tones such as fitzpatrick 3 and 4. From soft, subtle enhancement to bold, expressive brows, these pigments offer endless possibilities for creativity and customization.

5. **Fox**: With its rich, warm undertones, Fox pigment is a go-to choice for clients copper reddish natural hair. It adds depth and intensity to brows, creating a bold yet natural-looking effect that commands attention and enhances facial symmetry.

6. **Black**: For clients seeking drama and impact, Black pigment delivers unparalleled depth and definition. Ideal for black skin tones, fitzpatrick 5 & 6 Whether creating sleek, defined arches or bold, bushy brows.



Master Tip by Master Yomaira Alcala

When working on mature skin types, particularly clients over 45 years old, it's essential to approach pigment selection and application with careful consideration. Master Yomaira Alcala shares invaluable insights for achieving optimal results on mature skin:

Tip: Adjusting Pigment Shade and Pressure:

When working with mature skin, where the skin tends to be thinner and more delicate, it's crucial to use a lighter touch and adjust the pigment shade accordingly. Mature skin has a tendency to reflect color differently after healing, often appearing darker than initially anticipated. To counteract this effect, consider using half a shade to a shade lighter than usual.

Recommendations for Mature Skin Shades:

  • Fair Skin Types: Opt for shades such as Brown 1 and Golden Brown for fair-skinned mature clients. These lighter shades blend seamlessly with lighter skin tones, providing a natural and flattering enhancement.

  • Darker Hair and Skin Types: For clients with darker hair and skin tones, Brown 2 is an excellent choice. Its versatile hue offers subtle definition without overpowering the natural features of mature skin.

By employing these expert recommendations, microblading artists can achieve stunning results that enhance the beauty and confidence of mature clients while ensuring a comfortable and gentle experience throughout the procedure.

The Composition of PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments

PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments are crafted using premium-quality ingredients for safety, longevity, and performance. Here's a breakdown of their composition:

**Organic Ingredients**: These pigments contain organic components that minimize the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, ensuring a safe experience for clients.

**Mineral-Based Colorants**: Vibrant hues are achieved through mineral-based colorants, offering superior color payoff and longevity while maintaining a natural appearance.

 **Hydration Agents**: Hydration agents lock in moisture, ensuring pigment remains vibrant and true to color during the healing process.

 **Sterilization Standards**: PhiBrows Super Formula Pigments undergo rigorous sterilization processes to meet industry standards for safety and hygiene, providing peace of mind for artists and clients alike.


PhiBrows Super Formula Microblading Pigments empower artists to create stunning, natural-looking brows that enhance their clients' beauty and confidence. By following our step-by-step guide, understanding the characteristics of each shade, and the composition of these premium pigments, you can unlock endless possibilities for creativity and achieve exceptional results. Explore the full range of PhiBrows Super Formula Pigments at and elevate your microblading artistry today.