PMU Cartridges 0.30 3R, 5.5mm taper (EN02B) 20 pcs


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Crafted for accuracy and safety, these cartridges boast a range of innovative features that elevate your artistry.

Key Features:

Enhanced Visual Control: Experience the art of tattooing or PMU with unprecedented clarity. Our transparent cartridges provide a clear view of ink flow and needle movement, offering unparalleled control and precision for your creative process.

Versatile Needle Tips: Engineered with sloped round tips and arced flat tips, our cartridges cater to a diverse range of artistic techniques. Whether it's intricate detailing or broader strokes, these optimized needle tips empower your artistic vision.

Safety Features: Our rubber band-loaded cartridges are fortified with a plastic membrane, preventing ink from flowing back into the machine. This safety measure ensures a secure and hygienic working environment for your peace of mind.

User-Friendly Design: Enjoy seamless usability with our user-friendly cartridges. Quick installation and removal streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on your artistry without any hassle.

Configuration - Round Liner/RL Cartridge: Perfect for executing detailed lines, the RL configuration is an ideal choice for precise work, whether it's outlining intricate designs or delicately creating hair-like strokes with absolute finesse.

Needle Specifications:

  • 0.30mm Diameter: Broader diameters are suitable for standard to bold line work and shading, giving you flexibility in style and technique.

Needle Tips for Tattoos & PMU:

  • 3R Tip: Allows for precise application, making it suitable for creating finer details such as hair strokes in eyebrow microblading or eyelash enhancement.

Taper Length - 5.5mm (Medium Tapers): A balanced choice, providing versatility for both moderate lining and shading, and controlled and even ink flow

Hygiene and Reliability:

  • Medical-Grade 304 Stainless Steel: This material ensures the needle remains sharp and clean, meeting the highest standards of strength.

  • Medical-Quality Plastic: Cartridge tips made of safe, skin-friendly plastic, providing reliability without any adverse reactions.

  • Ethylene Oxide (E.O.) Sterilization: Each cartridge is germ-free, individually packed to maintain complete sterility until opened, ensuring safety and hygiene in every use.


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