Skin Candy Anti Spots Cream 10 ml


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Skin candy anti spots is an advanced cream intended for skincare after treating skin issues like skin spots, acne scars and inflammations or other kind of pigmentation spots, as it deeply acts on the skin surface, making  its tone more even. It is a powerful blend of skin resurfacing ingredients that help skin texture rebalance, reducing pigmentations, acne blemishes, scars and spots, as well as calming current inflammations.

Natural origin active ingredients like stilbenes from rhubarb root extract and  licorice extract, slightly lighten skin spots, and have a strong effect on redness, resulting with more even complexion. The herbal extracts enriched formula improves circulation and has antiseptic effect.

How to use:
The cream can be used 24h after the treatment, on clean skin both morning and night. Apply on the affected area with a thin layer by gently massaging it onto skin, until absorbed.