PhiTattoo Thermal Transfer Stencil Paper 100pcs

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Product information "PhiTattoo Thermal Transfer Stencil Paper 100pcs"
PhiTattoo Thermal Transfer Stencil Paper is a stencil paper for transfering tattoos to the skin. The paper is specially designed to create sharp tattoo stencils. It is suitable for thermal copier machines as well as for hand drawing.
Sheet size: 21,3 x 30,2 cm
How to use
Usage with a thermal printer: When using a stencil machine use a mid-range exposure level for the best image quality. This recommendation can vary for different machines. For optimal use of the transfer paper follow the instruction of your thermal printer, since every machine works differently. Bevor inserting the stencil paper into the machine, remove the interleaving tissue. After printing slowly peel the papers from each other. For the best outcome separate the two papers soon after printing. Writing/Drawing on the paper: Place the PhiTattoo Thermal Transfer Stencil Paper on a smooth and even surface und remove the interleaving tissue. Draw using a pencil with a fairly hard lead tip apllying frim and even pressure.