PhiContour White SUPER Pigment 10ml


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Our PhiContour White SUPER Pigment, is a versatile addition to your permanent makeup toolkit. This pigment not only offers the ability to create lighter shades when mixed with other colors but also enables the achievement of a 'powder-like' effect when combined with various pigment shades.

Key Features:

Versatile Mixing Capability: PhiContour White SUPER Pigment allows for the creation of lighter shades when blended with other pigments.

Powder-Like Effect: When mixed, this pigment contributes to achieving a soft, 'powder-like' finish in permanent makeup applications.

Generous 10ml Size: Each pack contains 1 x 10ml of PhiContour White SUPER Pigment, providing ample supply for your artistic needs.

Versatility in Shades: Explore a total of 13 other shades within the PhiContour SUPER Pigment range, enabling a wide spectrum of color options. Utilize our Phi Mixer for precise and effortless pigment mixing.

Available Individually or in Collections: Purchase separately or explore our three sets: Lips, Brows, or Base.

Why PhiContour SUPER Pigments?

No Fillers or Preservatives: Experience optimal, safe permanent makeup with pigments free from fillers and preservatives.

Bioinert Coating: The formula includes a bioinert coating, adding an extra layer of defense against pigment migration.

Longer-Lasting Stability: Enjoy outstanding color stability for enduring results.

Faster Healing: PhiContour SUPER Pigments contribute to quicker healing times, allowing clients to appreciate their results sooner.

Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with leading PMU machines such as the Simplicity Master and Simplicity Artist.

EU Regulation Compliant: Our pigments meet all the requirements for ingredients specified by the new EU Pigment & Tattoo Ink Regulation 2022.

 Elevate your permanent makeup artistry with PhiContour White SUPER Pigment, offering unparalleled versatility and quality.

Note: The displayed color may vary due to screen color grading. For accurate color representation, we recommend a physical patch test.